More and more applications are going into the cloud so its very important to ensure you have a good intenet connection.  Slow internet can result in frustrated users and cause delays in tasks which results in low productivity. There are many contributing factors to consider with slow internet and here are some of the top causes

  1.  Incorrect Plan – There are many types of plans and connection types to consider and some have higher speeds or higher download limits but there are also many that are low and if you go over your allowance you run the risk of being shaped (reduced speed).
  2.  Hardware Issues-  The issue could be related to your Router/Modem or maybe a switch in your office. If your using Wifi it could be interference on the wireless signal causing your slowness.
  3.  Not enough bandwidth for the amount of employees you have. When choosing an internet connection you need to consider the amount of users, devices, applications that utilise the internet and many more items.
  4.  Social Media and Spotify – Alot of users spend their time on Social Media and also steaming music like Spotify or Youtube. This can slow your internet down because its constantly streaming videos and music.
  5.  Online Storage Syncing- Programs like Drop Box, One Drive, Google Drive ect are online storage programs and these are often the cause of slow internet connections. Staff may have these tools to upload large documents to attach to emails.
  6. Personal Devices – Users often have personal devices like mobile phones and ipads ect which can often update via your wifi connection

So what can you do when your office is experiencing slowness. All Star IT can attend onsite and review your internet connection. Here are a few things we like to implement into workplaces:

  1. Web Content Filter – This filter will monitor your internet and we can produce a report on where all your internet bandwidth is going. A lot of business owners are shocked when they see  the results.  Once we do our initial report you then have the option to block certian categories and to also allow certian times of the day (say lunch) where you can allow staff to access it.
  2.  Internet Policy – By implementing a Internet policy for your business we will sit down with you and determine what things are along to be run on your network – eg streaming music, online storage tools, accessing wifi
  3.  Wifi Policy – We recommend having a rotating password for your wifi to limit the number of devices on your wireless network.

So if your company is experiencing Slow Internet then we recommend speaking to us today and arrange a network assessment of your companies network.

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