You skip the keyword brainstorming phase

Skipping the keyword phase is probably the biggest mistake made in the website creation plan. By not researching keywords you completely miss out on opportunity to generate a large amount of traffic to your page. Without a comprehensive list you will find it hard to add more keywords to the website as it gets bigger and gains more authority.

Your content has too much text or in some cases too little

When it comes to content on a webpage there isn’t a minimum or maximum you should strive for however the general rule of thumb however is to write good content relevant to your topic. Make sure the information is valuable to the reader and don’t try to cram heaps of text on to the page because this can make it harder for search engines to identify your content.

You’re expecting quick results

When it comes to SEO success doesn’t come straight away. Ranking high in search results can take alot of time and effort so dont expect to be on the first page overnight. It can take months to see results so patience.

Your using some Bad SEO techniques

There some bad techniques out there like keyword stuffing, hidden keyword text, link buying ect. Some of these may work but often only for a short period of time. Search Engines are constantly changing there algorithms to eliminate websites that don’t follow their guidelines. So it’s best to follow clean SEO guidelines.

Your website has Inactive content

Most businesses setup their website and don’t update it afterwards. Websites that are dormant and outdated don’t go well in Search Engines.  If  you have a blogging strategy however you can add content to your website keeping it refreshed and updated which will play nicely with search engines and in the end result in more traffic and leads to your website.

Your website lacks structure

Without structure it makes it hard for your customers to find their way around your site. It also doesn’t work well with SEO.

You’re Website isn’t responsive

Lately responsiveness can play an important part in ranking a website. A responsive website adapts the layout of your page to the resolution of the viewers screen whether its on a PC, tablet or mobile device. You can greatly increase a users experience on your website by have a responsive design to your website.


There are many other factors to consider but these are just a few of the common pitfalls face with SEO.

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