About Us

All Star IT provides professional IT Services and Technical Support to small businesses and home users in Melbourne. Since 2012 All Star IT has helped many Melbourne based organisations and home users relieve their computer issues so they can focus on their business. For most businesses managing IT needs and growth can be quite demanding, taking their time and focus away. All Star IT provides affordable solutions build around the needs of your business.

The owner of All Star IT- Peter, has been in the industry for over 16 years and has extensive knowledge specialising in Onsite IT Service, network security, IT infrastructure, cloud integration, virtualization, network storage and backup solutions, Office 365 and cloud solutions.


helping your business grow

Peter Nelson – Computers and Technology is something i have always been interested in at a very young age. I remember being about 7 or 8 years old and my dad purchased our families first computer. It was around 1987 and we got a Intel 386 Computer with 42 MB Hard Drive and 4 MB of ram. You had to load 5 1/4  disks and it had MS-DOS and eventually we got Windows 3.1.
As my dad upgraded his pc’s i got to play around with the old computer. I was interested in how they work and so began my tinkering with computers. I pull them apart and put them back together it.

Around this time i was in primary school and our school got the Internet. We learnt how to log on to Netscape Navigator and websites like Altavista or Lycos – it was so slow on dial-up but back then it was awesome. As the years went on i studied computers in High School and then went to TAFE and did a Certificate 4 in IT.

My first IT job was a Junior IT Technician. It was at a computer sales company that sold Hewlett Packard products. I was responsible for picking orders and running up the software or installing memory in the computers.

Then i got more experience and moved into a retail company and learnt alot about customer service and i was the in-house computer technician. Customers would bring pc’s in and i would fix up their virus issue or upgrade pc’s. I learnt alot about being a salesman and found customers liked talking to me because i wasn’t the pushy sales guy i was the technician who knew his stuff and they trusted my advice.

Then over the years i moved into Internal IT and was on the help-desk answering calls for internal staff. I learnt alot about running a IT department and documentation and how to fix server issues and networking issues.

Then in about 2008 i joined a Managed Service Provider and here i learnt about proactive support for multiple businesses and learnt about Websites, Hosting Servers, Proactive Maintenance on Servers and Workstations, Managed Antivirus, Exchange Servers and Office 365. After a few years on the help desk i then became the Help desk Manager of the company and learnt about running a help desk and managing technicians. I also learnt alot about running a business.

I get alot of enjoyment out of helping businesses maintain their networks and systems and owning my own business was always something i dreamed about doing and it wasn’t until 2012 where i created All Star IT. Since then its been 4 years on and i have helped alot of home users and small businesses with their IT.

When your passionate about something you love doing it makes it all the more rewarding helping other people grow their business.