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Take control of your busineses data by using our proven Backup Solution

When clients first join up with us Backups is the first thing we disucss. We feel it is  simply that most important thing a business must have when it comes to IT.

How long could your business last without your data or server before it becomes a real problem?

Do you leave your backups to your receptionist who has to manually plug in a USB drive or tape everynight? How often are the backups tested to ensure they are even working?

We take all the guess-work out of backups by having a system that:

  • Automatically backs up your files and sends it offsite to a secure datacentre. No need to rotate tapes or plug in USB drives which can often be forgotten about.
  • Backups are sent offsite to ensure its safe from natural disasters, viruses, hardware failures or theft.
  • Routine testing of your backups to ensure they are actually working.
  • Ensuring all your data is backed up – Alot of businesses have data in different areas and we sit down and work out how much data your have and how much storage space you require.

How much does it cost to Lose or Recover Data?

Majority of businesses owners only think about the IT labour costs to restore data but there is a lot more to consider when disaster strikes:

  • Downtime means your staff are not being productive but you still have to pay their wages.
  • Downtime can result in loss of revenue because your email server is down, website, access to your files or programs or even your phone system depending what is down.

Example Scenario

Lets take a look at an example scenario of a server being down for 2 days due to failed hard drive.

  • This company has 5 staff members and an SBS server.
    • The employees work 8 hours a day at $30 per hour. This equates to “8 X $30 X 5 staff x 2 day which is $2400 ( less tax but lets keep it simple for the scenario)
    • Average daily revenue is $5000 but with computers down and only relying on phone calls and hand written sales then only managed $3000 for the 2 days. This results in $7000 less in revenue because their server is down and customers went elsewhere.
  • The failed hard drive in the server meant:
    • Emails are down
    • the database for their CRM is on the server so no one can look up sales, products,quotes or customer details.
    • The website is also hosted on this server. This means their website is down.
  • During the 2 days of being down it took the IT provider 15 billable hours to restore the data.  They charge $150 per hour which equates to $2250 in IT labour to recover your data and get rid of virus.

Staff Wages $2400

Revenue $7000

IT Labour $2250

Total Cost $ 11,650

This is just a rough scenario it maybe higher for your business. Imagine if some of the data wasnt recoverable and you have to pay employees overtime to reenter the data.

It can become quite and expensive situation for a business to deal with.

There is a statitics on data loss and its close to 80% of small businesses that experienced a dataloss go out of business withing a year.

Dont become another statistic and get yourself a Disaster Recovery Plan today!

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