Fully Managed, Optimised & Scalable Virtual Private Servers

Affordable solutions to take your business to the cloud.

Cloud Services Melbourne

If your a Melbourne business you can completely transform your business by migrating to our Melbourne Cloud Services Platform. We are Cloud Consultants and can customise a unique solution tailored to your small business in Melbourne.


 All Star IT has business ready solutions that are reliable and affordable. Our Windows Cloud Servers are pre-installed and fully licenses, ready for you to use. Speak to one of our experts and we can work out a plan to migrate your data, user profiles and programs onto the server and take care of everything for you.

Here is some of the features we have with our Servers:

  • IO Performance – PCIe SSD based cloud server is capable of delivering 150k-300k IOPS, 4GB/s (2GB/s read, 2GB/s for write. This helps with extreme workload.
  • Super-fast Private Networking – The standard is 1GB/s but can be upgraded to 20Gb/s upon approval
  • 100% Enterprise Grade SSDs which deliver reliable performance
  • Fibre Only Network – Both Public and Private networks only have fibre to minimize any latency.
  • Transparent Failover – All networking devices are designed with transparent failover capability to minimize any unexpected outages.
  • Raid 10 – All SSDs in SANs are Raid 10 for best performance and best redundancy
  • Backups – The 10-20Gb/s backup network delivers very fast backup and restore tasks. All backups are stored on a different server from the one it backed up.
  • 99.9% SLA – We don’t deliver 99.99% SLA as thats pretty much impossible. However, we are condifent to offer this backed up by 30X outage time.
  • Multi-Layer Firewalls – Four layers of firewall protection – Hardware, hypervisor, customer isolation and customer maintained firewalls.
  • High Speed Private Networking and Per-customer VLAN -Private Networking allows cloud servers to talk with other cloud servers in the same location for free.For extreme security, we might grant dedicated VLAN for customers who have large scale deployment upon approval.
  • Tier-3 Datacentre – Servers are in Equinix Datacentre and features 24X7X365 security, phyiscal access control, CCTV recordings and biometric scanners.


Below are our VPS servers but if these specifications don’t suit you or you have some specific requirements then simply fill in the form on this page and we will arrange to speak to you to discuss your ideal solution.

The best thing about having a Cloud server is you can scale the specs up or down as you need so call us today to find out whats best for your business.

For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Operating Systems are available?

Windows 2012 R2 Standard and Windows 2008 R2 Standard are available.

If you have any other Operating Systems your after then speak to us today for a customised quote.

What if i lose my password?
Our helpdesk can reset your password upon request via our dashboard.
Do you have Antivirus on the Server?
If you have purchased our Antivirus we can install this for you. We also install some intrusion detection to help deal with Brute Force attacks and recommend the default port for Remote Desktop be changed to help avoid this.
How do i access the server?
This is part of our setup process when you sign up with us. We will help setup your local workstations with the Remote Desktop setup ready to go. Once you have your username and password you just have to open the RDP icon we setup and login.
Do they come with Office?
Unfortunately the prices above do not include office. We recommend Office 365 and you can add this onto the monthly cost.
Can i upgrade later on?
Yes you can easily upgrade or downgrade your server. If you need more hard disk space or more ram you can easily log a ticket to increase or decrease as required.