Crypto Locker is malware that encrypts user data and holds it ransom until you pay them to recover your encrypted files. This type of malware is know as Ransom ware and once installed on your pc it prevents you from accessing your files by encrypting them.

If you have been infected with this nasty virus then you need to have a read of this Bleeping Computers article

which tells you how to remove the virus part but unfortunately this doesn’t recover the encrypted files.

The only options for recovering your data is from Backup or to actually pay the ransom. Preferably backup is the best option.

If your not infected with this virus then prevention is the best method. Nick from FoolishIT has created a utility called CryptoPrevent and he has used the Bleeping Computer guide and turned it into a very useful executable.

You can download CryptoPrevent from’s website or click on the link below

Installer Version  724kb

Portable Version 407kb

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