Why do i need a Managed Antivirus when i can use a Free Antivirus? This is a question i get asked a lot and here is my explanation on why making the move to Managed Antivirus is better.

Free Antivirus

There are some reputable antivirus programs out there and do a pretty reasonable job. Most of these offer basic performance at catching infections. They are in a way a cut down version of a paid version. Think of it like security for your home – you have free – locks on your doors and then paid – monitored alarm system. Another thing that is often reported is users using the free version often see more false warnings that paid versions.

Overall the main difference from Free and Paid/Managed products really comes down to features.

Paid Antivirus

With the paid versions you generally get more updates to the virus definitions. This means your more likely to catch newer viruses than the free versions. You also will likely get more features with the paid versions like web filtering, parental controls, behaviour monitoring, intrusion detection just to name a few.


Managed Antivirus

Now a third one to mention which isnt generally mentioned alot is Managed Antivirus. Managed Antivirus is like the paid antivirus software except it is managed by a Managed Service Provider. An MSP looks after a small businesses IT – servers or workstations and ensures all devices are up to date for virus defintions, routine scans are completed and also alerted when a workstations detects a virus/spyware. Managed Antivirus combined with Patch Management and Web PRotection is using multiple layers of security to protect your network.

So if your a small business then MAnaged Antivirus is the recommended choice as this offers the best level of protection. If your just starting out the paid versions are good also but needs a bit of attention. I dont recommend free antiviruses for business use but for a home user this will do the job as long as its kept up to date and scans are completed regularly.

Just remember you get what you pay for so always look out for your businesses best interests and keep your network safe from harms way.

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