Being a parent can be tough work, let a lone the challenge of  keeping up with technology. In this day and age technology plays a big part in schools and in the home as we head towards the new digital age .  Ipad’s are introduced in primary schools and offer excellent educational apps for kids and in high school laptops are used to do work in class and at home. As kids get older they have smartphones so they can contact their friends or parents ect.

Having kids myself this is becoming a hot topic in our household as our kids are getting to the age of wanting to be socially online with their friends. Being a computer technician i often get asked about parental controls and have set it up for a few parents. However it is only recently i have spent time looking closer to home.

So i have been doing a bit of research into the topic and here are some cyber-bullying statistics that are sure to scare the pants of any parent:

1 in 5 Australian kids have experienced Cyberbullying.