Is All Star IT for me?

What you get with All Star IT

All Star IT has helped many small businesses sort out their technology issues. Whilst our clients are from many different industries not everyone is a perfect fit for us.

Our expertise and knowledge of IT services in various industries can help you grow your Melbourne business such as

  • Legal
  • Medical and Dental
  • Accounting and Professional Services
  • Construction

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Hourly Rate – $0 Per Hour 

*with a monthly service agreement 


No Hourly Fees

When you sign up to All Star IT’s Tech Guard Managed Services say good bye to hourly fees. Our Tech Guard Plans are Flat Rate Monthly Plans and are based on the amount of computers and servers you have. This allows you to budget for the entire year.

Unlimted Support

Another perk of being on a managed service plan is you get unlimted remote support and if your on our Gold Tech Guard Plan you also get onsite support as well. Whether you use our support once or 50 times per month your monthly fee remains the same.

Cloud Backups

When it comes to small businesses your data is critical and thats why we ensure all our clients have a backup solution in place. We check the backups daily and ensure your business data is kept safe and easy to retrieve when required. The backup is included in the monthly managed service agreement.

Complete Documentation of your IT Equipment 

During our discovery stage of your IT Network we document everything to ensure all settings are recorded and take backups of any configurations to ensure we can assist you with your issues fast and efficiently. Having proper documentation and photos of your devices makes it much easier to assist as we can instantly lookup your details.

Remote Monitoring

We implement our Remote Management Agent which allows us to monitor your devices. We keep a close eye on your network so you don’t have to. When issues come about we are able to act quickly to avoid downtime.

Request a Quote

If you have any questions simply give us a call today we will answer any queries you have. We can provide a full analysis of your IT network and help make recomendations for your business.