How can Managed IT Services Melbourne help you business succeed?

Technology is changing at a rapid rate and a business that doesn’t keep up to date will fall behind. This is why Managed IT Services Melbourne is so important. All Star IT becomes an extension of your business by forming a partnership to help your business with the day to day IT tasks and maintenance. More importantly we can help your manage your IT and plan for the future so you don’t get left behind.

Our Managed IT Services Melbourne are tailored to your business as every business is unique and there is on plan to suit every business. Our IT Services plan provides a cost effecting and secure way to allow your business to grow without having to hire a full time employee for your IT issues.


Whats Included In Managed IT Services Melbourne

Managed IT Services doesn’t have one plan to suite every business. We understand this and thats why we create a unique plan to suite your businesses needs and can easily adjust it as your requirements change.


One Point of Contact

We take care of all your IT needs and become your single point of contact. Whether your Internet is down or you need to log a support ticket with a software vendor we take care of it.

We manage your computers, servers, backups, printers, internet, emails, website and anything technology related.


Fixed Cost IT Support Services

All our Plans are prepaid and don’t require any locked in contracts. This allows you and your business to budget your IT Expenses and know exactly what your spending on your IT.


Tech Guard Desktop Services

Our Tech Guard Plans can help maintain your computers and improve security and provide complete peace of mind.

We install our managed Antivirus, Patch Mangement, Remote Monitoring, Web Protection to ensure your PC’s and Servers are running at their peak.



We feel like we are part of your team and act like it too. We keep you up to date on all your IT issues and also provide strategic planning as your business grows.

Why choose All Star IT?

All Star IT is your business partner for Managed IT Services. We don’t just fix issues when things break. We provide a proactive approach to your technology and offer onsite or remote support.

Whatever you require we have expert IT services ready to support your business.

Expert Advice

All Star IT has experience with many types of industries and keep up to date with the latest technology trends and best practice.

We aim to be the expert for many IT ares such as Servers, Cloud, Office 365, Digital Marketing

Cross our T's and Dot our I's

Our IT Services involve understanding your business top to bottom. We document every IT device in your organisation, every little detail for modems, printers, servers, software installations, website and domain information.

This allows us to deliver the best support to your business and understand exactly what you need. No matter which technician works on your site we are all on the same page which is key to delivering our outstanding service and support.

We won't give you BS!

From the begining of our consultation with you and your business you will know exactly what your getting from us. We are very transparent and keep you updated with all issues and projects. Your satisfaction is what rewards us as an IT Company and when you success so do we.

Complete Peace of Mind

Our Goal with every business we manage is to give complete peace of mind by implementing our Managed IT Services. Security is an important part of our service to ensure your data is safe and your network protected.

All our plans include our best protection policies to combat against Cyber Crime and Data Loss. There is no Silver bullet solution for IT Security as it is forever changing but having the right IT Services provider partnering with your business is your best defense.

Not Sure What your After Yet?

Thats completely normal, not many businesses know where to start as every business has different needs. Thats why we offer a free Technology Strategy Session to understand your business and come up with a plan to suite your business.

How is All Star IT’s Service Desk different to other IT Companies?

All Star IT centralises all aspects of IT into our custom dashboard. Not only for your computers and servers but also all your backups, webhosting, cloud services are all visible from your dashboard. This allows us to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

You can easily track all your companies service requests on our website and get realtime updates. Your kept up todate with weekly and monthly service reports to advise you on what has been completed for the month and any issues you should be aware of. As soon as we are alerted by our remote monitoring system our service team is working on the issue. Often our proactive support fixes issue before end users are even aware of problems which is how it should be always. When things break you experience downtime which isn’t good for any business.

We’ve Got You Covered