If your computer isn’t regularly updated it put a huge risk on your computer being compromised and can potentially allow hackers to exploit your PC and get access to your personal information and data.

There are many types of updates you need to setup and its not just windows updates you need to worry about.

Adobe Flash and Reader, Java are probably some of the most vulnerable software and are often releasing new updates to patch their software. These updates are very important to keep updated.

Windows Update

Windows update is a utility built into your computer that allows you to download updates from Microsoft. Some computers are set to update automatically but others wont be so its important to check these settings and ensure your setup.

With windows updates you may also receive hardware updates for your computer and its important to keep these up to date as well.

Virus Definitions

As hackers find new software or updates to exploit its important to keep your Antivirus up to date on a regular basis as these definitions tell the antivirus software what areas or files to look for that maybe malicious.

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