Laptop Repairs

We are experts in Laptop screen repair Melbourne based in Templestowe, Melbourne.  With our expert experience  we can help you repair your cracked screen as quickly and painlessly as possible. We are always trying to minimize your laptop screen repair costs as per our experience and knowledge.

As there are many types of models and makes of laptops we simply cant keep every type of screen on hand. However we do have a reputable supplier in Melbourne who we can pickup screens quite quickly and install your screen within 1-2 business days.

Laptop Repairs Melbourne

Laptop Screen Repairs Melbourne

  • Broken Laptop Screen
  • Cracked Laptop Screen
  • Damaged Laptop Screen
  • Flickering Laptop Screen
  • Dim Laptop Screen
  • Water Damaged Laptop Screen

Glossy, matte, LCD, Display and LED panel and inverter repairs

Laptop screens come in many different shapes, sizes and types. Our technical expert laptop LCD screen repairs have the knowledge, which means we source the perfect match for your laptop or notebook screen, whatever the brand or model. Glossy, LCD or LED, widescreen or square, we have the technical panel to suit your laptop or notebook.

Laptop screen size

  • 8.9″ screen size
  • 10.1″ screen size
  • 11.6″ screen size
  • 12.1″ screen size
  • 13.3″ screen size
  • 14.0″ screen size
  • 13.3″ screen size
  • 14.1″ screen size

We repair and replace all kinds of  screen like HD, TFT, LED, LCD and CCFL screen types.

Keyboard Replacements

Do you have sticky keys or missing keys on your laptop keyboard? We can also assist you with replacing these and source the right keyboard to suit your laptop.

Laptop Adapters and Batteries

Speak to us today about replacing your laptop adapter and batteries that have stopped working.