We Do the Manual Work to Get Your Online Business/Brand Listed Online

With All Star IT’s Local Citation Service here is what you get

  • Full Citation Audit – We will check your local citations and produce a report on what you currently have. We will go through and ensure your current citations are consistent. Consistency is the key to local citations because when they aren’t consistent then your rankings drop.
  • Local Citation Building – Next we will go through and plan out which local citations to submit and also analyse your competitors citations by looking at your current keywords.
  • Rich Media Citation –  If you have any videos or photos for your business we can use these to submit these citations to rich media sources. These can have GEO-Tags in the videos or images specific to your local area.
  • Social Citations – Here we will ensure your brand is consistent across all social media platforms.
Are the citation submissions automated or completed by hand?
100% hand-submitted by our team of trained citation builders.
How long does it take for you to complete the order?
We will have the work completed and your report ready in about three weeks.
Can I use my own email address and password for the sites?
Sure, if you provide us with working webmail access for the account, we can use it. We need access so that we can verify the submissions as we make them. Note that you’re going to get a TON of spam to this account, so we recommend using an email account that we’ll create for you instead. To include this info, please use the Additional Info field in the spreadsheet or the web form.
Do you do the citation submissions all at once, or trickle them in over time?

We don’t currently throttle our citation building because we know how Google merges data with their Places index in chunks. We have tested building hundreds of citations in one day vs spreading them out over time and have not found a difference. We don’t believe citation velocity is currently something that Google is considering.


That said, Google is getting better and better and aggregating citation data into Google + Local, and this might become a factor in the future. If you’d prefer us to spread your citation building out over time, please just indicate this in the Additional Info field.

Where is the Citation Building Service supported?
The Citation Building team currently build citations for companies located  in Australia.
Where does your list of citation sources come from?
We have a huge database of sources (over 1 million records), and are able to pick out the top quality sources that appear the most frequently and that have the highest domain authority.
How long does it take for my rankings to improve?
Google performs major Google + Local updates on a 6 to 10 week schedule. So, I recommend setting expectations to 2 months, but it could be quicker depending on when the last update was. Some citation sources might get picked up and counted towards your listing right away though, so you could start seeing ranking increases within weeks. We just recommend expecting at least a couple months to see the impact.
Do you claim Google + Local pages or phone verify any listings?
Nope. Any important listings that require claiming with phone or postcard verification should really be done by the business.
What if I already have a significant number of citations? Will you be able to complete my order?
We’ll research your existing citations before starting to see where things are at. We have a HUGE list of quality sources because of our access to Whitespark’s database and our vast experience, so it’s rare that we can’t find enough sources for an order. Still, if we don’t think that we can complete your order, we’ll contact you.
How does your service compare to Yext?


An automated system that will distribute your listings to their network of about 50 sites.
US only.
Only common “generic” citation sources. No options for hyper relevant citations that are specific to your industry or city.
“Real-time” updates. You can make a change to your listing and see that change “go live” on all of the sites within a couple of hours (on most sites).
$499, recurring every year.
When you cancel, the sites in their network may or may not keep the Yext data up. Data from another provider may “resurface” to overwrite the changes you made to your listing. Depends on how each site in their network handles this.

Our Service:

Manual, by hand submissions.
We have lists of hundreds of quality citation opportunities in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Holland, and Singapore.
We can research citation opportunities specific to your industry and city and get you listed on these sites for local ranking boosts.
You’ll get a detailed report with usernames/passwords for all sites if you want to make edits to the listings, but those edits would need to be done manually.
One-time fee based on the number of citations you order. To get 50 generic citations with our service would be a one-time fee of $200, and those listings would be permanent. For $500 we will get you listed on 100 top generic citation sources and 20 hyper relevant local/niche citations. This is a one-time fee, not recurring yearly like Yext.
A member of our team will manually check over the data you submit to ensure it is accurate and consistent, and we perform a careful check on every site we submit to in order to make sure we don’t create duplicates, and to make sure we update/enhance any existing listings we find.

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