Network Security

Network Security Melbourne

All Star IT provide a wide range of Network Security for small and medium businesses, including:

Secured Laptop 

Protecting your network and data from virus, hacker, spam, phishing and other attacks requires a multi-layered approach to counter the steadily increasing sophistication of the dark side.

We offer a suite of Information Security products and services to help you secure and protect your Internet communications such as email, instant messaging and Web browsing. We will consult with you and recommend a package that is customized for your needs and budget.

Email Protection – Prevent spam and viruses from reaching your inbox

Email Protection stops spam, viruses and phishing scams from reaching your network and getting into your inbox. Various spam and Directory Harvest Attacks on your network are stopped before they reach your infrastructure, saving valuable network bandwidth.

Web Filtering – Block malicious or inappropriate Web content

Web Protection stops malicious Web content from being downloaded and enhances productivity by blocking programs or viruses. Web protection also helps reduce legal liabilities by blocking inappropriate sites and content. Comprehensive reports allow you to monitor Web traffic and adjust your policies based on usage.

Managed Firewall – Block malicious traffic

A firewall is an essential part of any organization’s information security infrastructure. We will configure, maintain & monitor your firewall, as well as provide you with regular reports or review them for you.

Intrusion Protection – Apply a virtual patch to your network

An Intrusion Protection System (IPS) often works in conjunction with a firewall and further protects your network. Some regulations require the installation, maintenance and monitoring of an Intrusion Protection System (IPS). We monitor and maintain these highly sophisticated systems for you and ensure your regulatory compliance.

Wireless Information Security – Do you know who is using you network?

What you can’t see can’t hurt you – right? Maybe NOT! What was secure last month might be a vulnerability today. If your wireless access point or infrastructure hardware is older than 2007, you are probably not protected adequately. If you have any doubts on the integrity and information security of your wireless setup or you are considering a secure wireless implementation, don’t hesitate to call us.