What you need to know?

  1. Microsoft will never call you about a virus or security issue on your PC. If you do receive any calls like this then its a scam. The best thing to do is hang up.
  2. If they advise you to goto the computers Event Viewer to see if there are any errors in there. This is a tactic that they try to fool you by showing you warnings and errors in the event viewer. All computers produce errors and warnings and sometimes these errors are perfectly fine to have.
  3. If you have given someone remote access to your computer then you should immediately change your passwords and run a virus scan on your computer. All Star IT’s Tech Guard is a good Antivirus solution to have if you dont have any installed.
  4. If you have provided your credit card details to pay for a service by these people then you should contact your bank and alert them to this fraudulent activity.
  5. Cybercriminals often look up publicly available phone directories and will know your name but will often make guesses as to what operating system you are using.

Sometimes you may accidentally download the malicious software without them even calling you. You may have downloaded a free screensaver or some free app and in the background of this installer it puts the malicious software on to your pc.

Then you will start noticing popups on your screen advising to call their number to fix the issue. These are also fake virus alerts.